Google Brings “Advice On Closing Stale Tabs” Feature To Chrome On Android .


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Google is developing a feature that will recommend closing unused tabs for Chrome browsers used on Android devices. Thus, the browser experience will become much more tidy.

In the browsers we use on our smartphones, closing tabs when we're done is something that comes to mind only when the phone starts to contract thoroughly. Google is developing a new tool to counter this splurging of the resources of our smartphones.

The feature, which has been in development since August, has recently started to come across users. This feature, which is normally hidden, was introduced automatically on some Chrome types.

Get rid of” stale " tabs.

With Google's new feature added to Chrome, we'll start to see recommendations for closing tabs that qualify as stale/stale. There is no clear explanation for what Google divides tabs by, but there is no doubt that it will take unused tabs into this category, even if they remain in the background for a certain amount of time. Yet the full system is not yet known.

This feature will also analyze Chrome usage and provide information about it. The feature that will be used on Android devices can now be activated.
The feature is currently available on Chrome versions such as Canary. Other versions of Chrome include: / / flags. When the feature is activated, it will not automatically close stale tabs, instead, a notification will appear for tabs that can be closed. Tabs can be closed using this notification.

There is no information on whether Google will use the feature in all versions or when it will activate it. However, it seems to be quite useful to close tabs unnecessarily.