Facebook Libra's Calibra Crypto Currency Wallet, To Replace Novi Left


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Facebook, a been working on Libra is known crypto currency with a new development scored. The company, with a statement Libra you create a new wallet, and this the wallet "Novi," the name given that it has announced.
Facebook, a time for crypto coins are interested. The company in this context the "Libra" called crypto currency even but even governments created this crypto currency project disturbed and even if they continue for a while quiet the process is moving. Now Facebook, Libra prepared for the crypto currency a new wallet "Novi"yi explained.
Fact Facebook if you look at past periods You have created a wallet for your wallet and Libra the name "Calibra", as explained. Even the process ensure that they are managed efficiently wanting Facebook, had established a subsidiary in the name of Calibra and this organization, from the development process Calibra had been responsible. Along with the recent development Calibra, replace "Financial Novi"left has happened.
Novi's it does not escape the attention to detail in the logo, Libra
Facebook a statement by the Novi the logo included. A closer look at this logo Handled Novi into Libra icon we can see clearly. Experienced this development, Facebook Libra-related studies remains and perhaps more comprehensive working on something reveals. However, the company detailed on the subject declined to comment.
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Facebook aspiring crypto currency in the industry
Facebook, crypto the first entrance of money into the sector was just planning to develop Libra. However, in a statement issued later, the company's broader and more in national currency crypto money to have showed that it is compatible. For example, Facebook's crypto currency or units in the later stages as well as pounds and dollars euros can be purchased for will be of type.
Facebook, made in past periods with explanations Libra financial transactions with it's as easy as sending a message to perform said it would be. The company already this crypto money between planning and WhatsApp Facebook Messenger can be used in applications such as it takes. So, users, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be able to send money to each other. Moreover, users of this service no additional hidden fees without will benefit.