Do you mean to store the internet like electricity? Here Are The Technologies We Can't Believe Still Haven't Discovered


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Sahin Kilinc
-2 months ago
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We tried to reach everything we were away from the screens during the epidemic period. There was sound, there was sight, but we were deprived of any sense
of smell or touch.
In today's world, where people go to space without getting any education for years, there are many places that technology still cannot reach, such as the
transfer of smell and sound.
The pandemic has already taken us away from all our loved ones and turned the reunion we expected into a movie-like mood with Sinan Çetin. And peace in
the background
Instead of Manço's Gülpembe, songs that went viral on TikTok are playing… We have even come to such a point that if our phone and kidney were stolen at
the same time, we would have to lose our pockets.
we check.
There is another reason why we are so attached to all the technologies that enter our daily lives: They made things much easier for us, when we had to.
We are also connected. Technologies that, due to our nature and biology, are actually not enough for us, and how we think they are still undiscovered.
We asked you, we compiled.
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10 Technologies That Companies Are Spending Like Crazy and Building Our Future With
Can Heart
-5 months ago
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Due to the rapid development of technology recently, companies are now directing their investments towards a completely different technological trend.
Will shape the entire future
10 major technologies have already been revealed.
With the entry of COVID-19 into our lives, the speed of digitalization all over the world is on its way to becoming 10x. However, previously digital data
They thought that digitalization in the world would take place in the next 10 years. However, this process started earlier due to the effect of the pandemic.
After Cambridge Analytica's interpretation and use of data emerged, many companies found out how valuable personalized data analysis was.
realized it was. However, data interpretation and learning is actually much more valuable than we think. While the whole world is now developing technology
for data interpretation,
There are 10 big technologies that will take our digitalized lives to the next level. Let's examine these technologies together.
10 technologies that will change the world and build the future
list of 10 items
Mobile and wearable devices
Robotic process automation (RPA)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning
Edge computing
Virtual and augmented reality
Cyber security
Quantum computations
list end
#1 Increase in mobile and wearable devices
wearable device
The increasing number of mobile devices starting from 2021 will shape the future. Smartphones that go into almost everyone's pocket are called "multi-tasking".
Thanks to its functional functionality, computers began to take their place. The mobile devices industry is a major investment in both technology and software.
is on its way to becoming a resource.
9 Interesting Jobs That Technology Has Taken From People Over The Years
9 Interesting Jobs That Technology Has Taken From People Over The Years
However, thanks to robotic and cybernetic wearable devices, our lives are starting to undergo serious changes. Especially in robotic prosthesis production
Thanks to the increase, the “obstacles” for humanity will be removed. At this point, it is expected that there will be a serious increase in wearable device
#2 Robotic process automation (RPA) will automate business processes
Robotic process automation, which we call RPA, is the most important part of Industry 4.0. RPA is making almost the entire industry faster thanks to AI
and machine learning.
will bring. For this reason, almost every technology company is moving towards automating all business processes. Even if future e-mails
If we want, it will be able to be answered automatically thanks to RPA writings.
From Where to Where: 8 Tech Wonders Celebrating Their 20s
From Where to Where: 8 Tech Wonders Celebrating Their 20s
Many professions around the world are expected to be automated and new business sectors created. In this regard, yes, a class like the "working class"
may not stay in the factories.
However, at this point, RPA engineers and technicians are expected to emerge. Software architects, engineers and developers are of great value in this
they will win.
#3 Internet of Things (IoT) will connect the whole world
list of 7 items

smart homes

smart home devices

smart gadgets

Smart phones


smart watches

smart glasses
list end
For years, the Apple ecosystem has actually created a pretty big infrastructure for this technology. Imagine that all your smart devices are working synchronously
and all of them
they know each other. Actually, in many ways, this ecosystem has started to be established gradually. Synchronous operation of each of the devices and
your data
There's nothing better than collecting them in one place.
What Is the 'Inch' We See in Technological Devices, and How Is It Calculated?
What Is the 'Inch' We See in Technological Devices, and How Is It Calculated?
The only problem here is to provide cyber security. In this regard, serious developments are expected after 2021. each to be connected to each other via
The device may pose a serious security vulnerability, but at this point, it is quite possible that new encryption types will emerge.
#4 Blockchain
list of 5 items

credit card technologies

National voting procedures

National survey studies

Weapon technologies

Security technologies
list end
If you think of the first cryptocurrency when you think of blockchain, don't worry. Blockchains are described as the technology of the future. We wrote
It seems certain that Blockchain technology will be used in many areas and we will reach more accurate information in the light of unchangeable data. Give
if necessary; If you set up a voting system via Blockchain technology in a national election, you will never have the chance to "change the election results".
In election counts
You cannot make mistakes.
Record-Breaking Ethereum Makes Its Developer The Youngest Crypto Billionaire
Record-Breaking Ethereum Makes Its Developer The Youngest Crypto Billionaire
You can also encrypt the technology you developed in weapon technologies with Blockchain. You do very accurate survey studies, your security protocols
Even if your credit card is stolen, you can see who the money is going to. How Blockchain is shaping the future
did you
#5 5G that will take connections to the next level
5G actually has a great importance in a world where everyone has the fantastic idea that their brain waves can be controlled thanks to 5G. cloudy
Thanks to 5G, which is revolutionary in the use of technologies, maybe we won't need good computers to play games. GeForce Now, Stadia
etc. We will be able to use many game platforms comfortably.
16 Game Recommendations You'll Have Fun While Playing Even Old
16 Game Recommendations You'll Have Fun While Playing Even Old
However, a great revolution is expected in data transfer with 5G. With 3 and 4G, our existing data band will expand further. All
Thanks to these developments in the world, we will now be able to work very comfortably in any environment and transfer our data without having internet
#6 Artificial intelligence and machine learning will take the whole world to the next level
Artificial intelligence
All of the technology giants in the world have been moving towards Artificial intelligence and machine learning recently. Thanks to artificial intelligence
and machine learning
All of the 10 technologies that we consider revolutionary will start to work in a tremendous synchrony. Machine learning is really important in this regard.
is doing.
Sony Develops An Artificial Intelligence That Will Play Games Like Real Gamers
Sony Develops An Artificial Intelligence That Will Play Games Like Real Gamers
Imagine that you are a student, you need to see all of your achievements scattered over the years so that you really make the right choice in choosing
a career.
You can plan your career with machine learning. Artificial intelligence interprets machine learning and ranks the best choices for you. Thus,
You will not have the chance to say "I chose the profession that I could not be successful in". This is just a tiny, even micron sample.
#7 Edge Computing
Edge Computing
No matter where you are in the world, thanks to Edge Computing, you can easily access the data all over the world. Thanks to the development of cloud topology
Now everything has become very close to each other. While I used to spend hours trying to pull data from America on a single server, now I can get the
same data.
we download from hundreds of sources closest to us at the same time and combine them on our computer.
Apple's Smart Glasses Apple Glasses May Coming Next Year
Apple's Smart Glasses Apple Glasses May Coming Next Year
Edge Computing will make it very easy for us to access data divided into micro-scales in this regard. A very valuable technology for IoT technologies
Edge Computing is shaping the network structure of the future. Edge Computing will be the architect of the expanding technology world in the future.
#8 Virtual and augmented reality
virtual reality
list of 7 items







list end
We don't know if you noticed, but recently, many technology giants have started to make serious investments in mixed reality and AR. emerged for a period
The smart glasses that came out were extinguished. Here is what we understand from this issue that has been brought to the agenda again these days; virtual
and augmented reality will be the most used in the future.
It will be technology.
Instagram Announces Features That Will Root Out Cyberbullies
Instagram Announces Features That Will Root Out Cyberbullies
Especially the mixed reality glasses that will be released recently; “A more accessible 3D world and architecture, where work environments are brought
It gives serious information about what will happen”. In fact, we will only be able to use glasses from 2022 instead of the monitors we use now.
Let's give another quick example; “The Chinese Air Force now uses smart glasses for its warplanes.” The camera located at the bottom of the plane is directly
above the pilot.
attached to his glasses so that the pilot has the opportunity to clearly see the place to bomb. Iron Man technology seems very close to realization, what
do you think?
#9 To operate all this technology safely: Cyber Security
cyber security
As we wrote above, we will need cyber security solutions to safely operate all this developing technology. Indeed, in any
It seems certain that we will have hard days. Therefore, cyber security will be the most important part of this great ecosystem.
Facebook Releases A Dataset To Test The Inclusivity Of AI Algorithms
Facebook Releases A Dataset To Test The Inclusivity Of AI Algorithms
We can say that the value of cyber security experts will be understood more in the future. Especially the recent hacking of Yemek Sepeti, Facebook, LinkedIn.
remember, or the big security flaw in Qualcomm modems. The more technology develops, the more people are needed to ensure its security.
it increases that much.
#10 Quantum computations
quantum calculations
While there is so much data, the devices that will process, learn and calculate this data will of course be quantum computers. Therefore, after 2021, quantum
A significant increase in the usage rates of computers is expected. Quantum computing will be done on a global scale and this market will really grow.
is estimated.
What Is This Quantum Physics, What Does It Do? We Tell It In The Simplest Way
What Is This Quantum Physics, What Does It Do? We Tell It In The Simplest Way
At this point, Google and Amazon are making the biggest investment for now. It may soon be possible for both companies to provide quantum computing services.
A serious cloud technology can be established for the calculation and processing of data that will flow from the world to Google and Amazon.
So what do you think about this? Future technologies will create new business lines. Where do you think we will be at this point? Please with us in the
share it.