Different Domain Types


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Not all domain names follow the same formula. For example, although .com domains account for 46.5% of all websites, there is still a large amount of space left for domain names such as .org and .NET. The following are the most common domain types in general::
TLD: Top Level Domain)

The name of the domain is the name of the domain that is located at the top of the domain name system. There are over a thousand TLDs available, but the most common are .com,. org, .NET, and .edu extensions .

The official list of TLDs is managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and can be viewed from this link. IANA will take note of the list of TLDs including ccTLD and gTLD that we will be focusing on in a moment.
ccTLD: County Code Top Level Domains)
Domain ile ilgili görsel sonucu

ccTLD contains international country codes and consists of only two letters, e.g. the .us extension is used for the United States i.e. the United States. For Turkey, this extension is .tr extension. They are often used by companies that create sites specific to specific regions, making visitors feel they have reached the right address.
gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain).

A gTLD is, in essence, a TLD that does not need a country code. Most gTLD are designed for special use, e.g. the edu extension is used by educational institutions . However, you do not need to meet any criteria to create a gTLD record, so the .com extension is not used for commercial purposes only.
other examples of gTLDs are .mil (military),. gov (government),. org (non – profit organizations), and .NET extensions that were originally designed to be used by internet service providers.

Other Domain Name Types
While the domain categories mentioned above are the most common, there are a variety of other extensions that you may encounter.
Second Level Domains (Second-Level Domain)
You've probably seen these domain names before. These domains are the addresses that are just below the top-level domain names. We won't go into too many technical details because it will be easier to illustrate with examples, especially when it comes to country codes.
For example, British companies sometimes replace .com .co.uk it uses the extension, and this is a great example for the second level domain issue. Another second level is domain .gov.uk the extension is, often used by government agencies. Finally .ac.uk it is used by academic institutions and universities.
What Is Subdomain

Subdomains are very useful because they do not require web developers to get extra domain names to create partitions on their sites. Instead, they can effectively point to a specific directory on the server by creating a subdomain. This is especially useful for campaign sites and different web content that needs to be kept separate from the home page.
Let's explain again with an example. Facebook developers.facebook.com the address provides benefits information for web and application developers who wish to use the Facebook API through. Another example is support.google.com ' stop.