Corporate Mail Hosting?


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19 February 2020·
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Used for business e-mails; details of your project, price, bids, bidding or contains correspondence regarding the continuity of the workflow because it is crucial for ordering information.
The quota of any problems or glitch as spam, mail service, and can result in material damage can hinder your work.
Corporate mail Hosting; e-mails in your aims to prevent potential problems that may occur. High disk capacity with thousands of e-mail archiving and antispam feature allows to get rid of unwanted emails.
Also 100% mobile feature, you can check email from your smart phone while you're away from your workplace, you can send mail.
Corporate Mail Services (E-Mail) The Advantages Of
•iPhone or Android smart phone with your browser, operating system, 100% compatible with the mobile interface by logging in to send an e-mail from and you can you can read your emails.
•SPF, Bayes, reverse DNS, RBL (Antispam) control services with unsolicited (spam) e-mails you can get rid of easily.
•50 GB of storage space, you can archive mail as much as you want with high.
•Free SSL encryption support from your computer to your mobile phone or e-mail server that leads to traffic encrypted. You will be protected from the interception of critical information.
•At any time can increase the quota, a new package soon e-mail accounts you can add.
•Address book, calendar and Task Manager you can organize your work by using features such as.
•Use-friendly interface thanks to clients such as Outlook, you can manage your emails without having to depend on.
•Rule management system, your incoming e-mail, you can manage them as you wish, and you can assign different folders.
•Gmail, Yahoo, Office365, Exchange and other mail for your accounts, you can perform email migration.
Corporate Mail Hosting?
Free antispam capabilities you may not have any corporate Groupware and e-mail for the purchase of our service,’s corporate mail hosting packages and mail account select the number you need by examining the disk capacity and the “Buy” button, simply click it.
When you perform the payment process, corporate e-mail service will be activated instantly.’corporate e-mail service free of charge during the first 30 days you can use.
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