Content Creators Publishing Videos on YouTube Shorts Can Earn Up To $10K A Month


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Umit Kilinc
-2 months ago
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YouTube has launched a program that will allow creators to earn up to $10,000 per month by posting videos on Shorts. most of the program
The important condition is that the videos must be original.
Recently, YouTube has come up with a new platform such as the Reels platform, which Instagram offers inspired by TikTok. of YouTube
this platform was named 'YouTube Shorts'. On YouTube Shorts, content producers can share short videos and appeal to a wide audience.
they could.
The platform has launched a new incentive campaign for YouTube content producers, which must be showing that Google is very successful. Company,
TikTok has announced that it will pay up to 10 thousand dollars a month to producers who produce content on its rival platform. YouTube to 100 million
in total over the next year
plans to pay in dollars.
No such screenshots: Videos must be original
youtube shorts
Although this statement by YouTube shows that content producers will earn very generous money, these payments are of course not guaranteed and are a difficult
path. Factors to consider to make such a large amount of money include how many videos the producer posts in a month and what those videos are.
There are important details such as how many users it has reached. However, to prevent monetization from copy-paste videos, you can also use the videos.
stipulates that it is original.
The requirement for videos to be original means we'll see a lot more original videos on Shorts. When we look at the platform today, almost every video
We see it taken from TikTok, Snapchat or Reels. All these videos will no longer be intermediaries for creators who want to generate revenue.
Twitter Unplugged Stories 'Fleets' Feature
Twitter Unplugged Stories 'Fleets' Feature
Dubbed the 'Shorts Fund', this $100 million project has a long-term scalability in the future, according to Neal Mohan, YouTube's General Manager of Product.
It will turn into a money making program. We will see concretely how the future of Shorts will be affected by this program in the coming months.
YouTube Algorithm Recommends Videos You'll Mostly Regret Watching
Emirhan Kelesoglu
-3 months ago
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Mozilla started a study to test the accuracy of the algorithm YouTube uses to recommend videos to users. From volunteer users
The participants reported this when they regretted watching the suggested videos. When we look at the results, so to speak, YouTube's own heel.
You can tell it's tight.
From time to time, you may have witnessed YouTube recommending videos that fall outside of your interests. Even check out the comments on some of these
You can see other people who are in the same situation as you. Although these videos are mostly seen as things to watch and pass, some of them
He also regrets after watching it. At this very point, Mozilla has made a study that covers the feedback of these videos that make you regret after watching
In his study, Mozilla received returns from volunteer participants. In addition, only people using YouTube on a computer participated in this study.
In other words, many users from different platforms such as mobile did not participate in the study. When we look at the results of the study, we see the
form of regret after watching.
It turned out that 71 percent of the videos we refer to were recommended by YouTube. Here are the details:
Videos that violate YouTube rules are shown in suggested:
Mozilla and YouTube
The work started in July 2020 and continued until May 2021. In this process, a total of 3362 returns from voluntary participants
return received. A browser extension called RegretsReporter, developed for Chrome and Firefox, was used to provide feedback. These people complain
It turned out that 71 percent of the videos he uploaded were videos recommended through the YouTube algorithm.
9 percent of the reported 'recommended' videos were removed from YouTube after the study. Although there are multiple reasons for videos being removed,
confirmed that these videos violate YouTube rules. Here is the point we need to pay attention to: YouTube does not remove these videos that violate its
previously recommended to its users.
Recently reported video rates are around 60 percent higher in non-native English speaking areas such as Germany, France, and Brazil.
Let's say it is.
Site where you can listen to music by country and year: Radiooooo
Site where you can listen to music by country and year: Radiooooo
Mozilla requires users to check their data, clear it from their search history if they don't want to see content related to a certain topic.
suggests. Additionally, Mozilla invites YouTube to be more transparent about how user data is processed in its recommendation algorithm. YouTube, its systems
He says he's ready for more research to test it.