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Okan Candogan — 6 months ago
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XDA Developers was thought to be from 2010, which introduced a prototype of the smart phone Sony Ericsson Vaio footage and never obtained. When we look at the images, the device has a design that is well ahead of the period that we can see.
Today, technological products used by millions of people, it wasn't always in the current view. Major technology companies, the most suitable form for the devices to find a device prototype has developed many different. Prototype devices such technology companies shows what is capable of being fitted to the budget and design constraints.
This prototype is far ahead of the period of the display device and one based in Japan, it was a prototype developed for the Sony Vaio Vaio before separating ways with Sony Ericsson. XDA Developers, the device says it is probably from 2010. If you wish the bride, without further ado, developed in cooperation with Sony Vaio, let's take a closer look at what this device looks like and what you have to offer.
Never introduced in front of you which are not Sony Ericsson VAIO smart phone:
VAIO Sony Ericsson
5,5 inch thick top and bottom frames prototype Sony Ericsson VAIO a smart phone which has a screen with these features, it doesn't look much different from the era of smart phones.
VAIO Sony Ericsson
Android 2.1 Eclair software that runs on a smart phone, the screen under physical back, home and Menu keys holds. But all of them, at that time, the features we are used to seeing on Android smartphones.
VAIO Sony Ericsson
The thing that makes the keyboard at the bottom of the screen to reveal the unusual device that can be used to hinge the two progressive structure. This two-stage hinge structure, thanks to the screen when you scroll in a flat way, the keyboard did appear while you scroll a bit more of the screen when the laptop is reminiscent of an upright position and comes to a view that is revealed.
VAIO Sony Ericsson
Speaking of the keyboard, space, despite the limitations in this section set up the Sony Android add next to the space bar, we can see that the keypad.
VAIO Sony Ericsson
Turning to the rear side of the device in the middle of a big, VAIO logo, Sony Ericsson flash next to the rear camera and a smaller a single at the top and the logo on the bottom it is a sign that the prototype of the device.
VAIO Sony Ericsson
Even when using the device on any table and four rubber feet prevent slipping on the corners to keep from shaking him there. On the connectivity front, the device has a headphone jack in the front, it looks like there is a mini USB port on the rear side.
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Sony Ericsson VAIO prototype, which is far ahead of the period, frequent travelling and gone to market at that time perhaps the number one choice of people who have to work while on the move could be. Okay, you guys what do you think about this prototype device? You can share with us your ideas in the comments section.
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