China Technology Suppliers Regarding U.S. Sanctions Demanding The Withdrawal


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China and the United States the tension between takes. The U.S. received getting to the decision, Chinese companies,China Demand the withdrawal of sanctions from the United States it makes.
China recent in a statement to Washington Technology, on security and Human Rights worsening applied to Chinese companies in conflict the withdrawal of export sanctions she demanded.
The U.S. received that decision basic of international relations China's interests and violating norms a spokesman for the ministry who hurt you Lijiang Zhao, “the United States, correcting errors, to cancel the relevant decision and in China's internal affairs we call to intervene to stop it." , he said.
The U.S. embargo continues:
USA seeing this as a threat, in the country of sale tech giant Huawei was banned the company, this is not the only company mentioned in the campaign. Video a supplier of security products Hikvision Digital Technology also are included in this embargo. China in this regard in regard to whether or not they will retaliate made any statement.
On the subject another explanation is the supplier of technology CloudWalk developing systems and facial recognition It came from the manufacturer. CloudWalk Technology ‘unfair treatment of American companies and global development he said it would hurt.
China new emerging technology industries; its own processors software and other products it is developing, but smart phones and other U.S. processes for the production of the device They need to manufacturers from Europe and Japan. From time to time in the production process of the aforementioned countries technologies, as well as the Chinese who are in need, this embargo thinks that exerts a negative effect on their development.
Human Aksu is accused of rights violations huafu Textiles Co., in a statement, the United States 'facts blatantly ignored that' explained any U.S. company production materials, Chinese you can easily change a resource she added.
Huawei and the United States Affecting the voltage between the Apple
Beijing be so ambitious in the technology industry, Donald Trump's 2018, China reasons to raise taxes on imports has happened. The road to global trade war the process in the month of January an armistice was signed albeit a bit focused. Trump, China more in case of exports, it would withdraw from the agreement "he has said. Their current state of the country when we look at a lot of tension between them we can also say that you have changed.