Cheap Smart Phones Prices Suddenly Rise (No Longer They're Not Cheap)


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$ 200 saw intense interest in our country with the price tag at the bottom smartphones, recent apps, and the exchange rate with the increase was a rise. This is not entirely a smart phone is now cheap recent price changes for you we have compiled.
In Turkey smart phone prices almost every day is changing. The sad thing is that in part these changes usually up be versatile. The previous day the smartphone you purchased when you examine the next day for $ 500 or more you can see the price increase. Well, prices of smart phones in our country, so why not it is growing?
Fact judging by the smart sold in our country almost all of the phones from abroad is being imported. When this is the case with every passing lately increasing exchange rate, smartphone prices causes a large increase. That in addition, taxes on companies in our country and in our country implements smart pricing policies among the main factors that have affected the price of the phone is taking place.
$ 200 sales of smartphones under the large increase in prices:
Currency with the inevitable increase of the rate in the last month already flagship smartphones get together turned into a dream. On the other hand, in our country intense interest, under 200 dollars the winner of the taste of the customers at Smart prices the recent events had its share of phones.
Top moreover, yesterday's news of the association, 200 dollars cheaper imports of the phones ‘the importer in surveillance application need the price of smart phones is guaranteed both smart phone market second-hand disrupted. Without further ado, if you wish this clever bride under 200 dollars the phones are pre-sold it for how much and let's take a closer look at the current prices.
Redmi Note 8 128 GB
Redmi Note 8
2000 TL who is everyone's favorite at the bottom price tag Redmi Note 8, now with the recent price rise the price the band went to the very top of this is the case. January 1.649 TL for sale in 2020 the smartphone is currently presented 2.315 TL has reached up. Within the last 6 months of the phone the eye chart above to price changes you can take.
Redmi Note 8 Pro 128 GB
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Redmi Note 8 also note that customers with increasing prices is the model of the family Hill 8 Pro depressing is one of the smartphones. December 2019. Falling prices buy 1.748 TL the device can be taken which is currently over £ 2,800 is listed.
Samsung Galaxy A51 128 GB
Samsung Galaxy A51
Quad rear camera and with its reasonable price, the last period price/performance the Samsung Galaxy, which is one of the monsters A51 currently on the market most inexpensive selling price 2.799 TL. Smart phone last February for sale at prices around £ 2.449 month it was offered.
Samsung Galaxy M20 32 GB
Samsung Galaxy M20
South Korean tech giant Samsung's entry-level devices the Galaxy M20 last week, more than 1.299 TL could be found. A smart phone Buy Now if you want to take at least 1.700 TL review you will have to remove.
Huawei Lite P20 64 GB
Huawei Lite P20
Huawei P20 Lite last of the series, which is the affordable model P20 in the month of March could be bought for TL 1.429. E-commerce sites from time to time imposed with the price falling to the level of campaigns 1.250 TL currently the smartphone 2.200 TL reaching with the price listed.
Huawei Y6 2019 32 GB
Huawei Y6 2019
Huawei one of the most affordable smartphones in the market Y6 2019, in the past period of $ 1000 prefer a lot with a price tag under was being. If the current price of the phone is 1.200 TL in the level.
Xiaomi Redmi 8A 32 GB
Xiaomi Redmi 8A
TL 1.000 at the bottom entry-level smartphones from 8A Xiaomi Redmi increasing the price of the other also another phone. 950 TL bands in recent months the phone that is listed in the current price of 1.200 TL.
Huawei Smart P Two thousand nineteen
Huawei Smart P Two thousand nineteen
9.0 Android Pie coming out of the box with Huawei Smart P 2019 percent if you wanted to buy in the past few months 1.450 TL had to pay such a price. Have the phone now 1.650 TL if you want to be removing them from my eyes need to.
Q60 64 GB LG
LG Q60
Campaigns in the past periods together 1.049 price LG Q60 falling TL, currently different e-commerce sites from TL 1.550 recipients waiting.
Middle and upper class of smart phones with prices rose:
$ 200 under the prices of smart phones increase as well as the middle and upper segment phone prices also rose. With the recent hike which is already a dream for many people together with ‘Admiral ships’ level devices that compete with car prices has become. In this model the price increase to a point let's look at.
Xiaomi Mi 9T
Xiaomi Mi 9T
Offer most of the past year with features care attracting mid-level smartphones Xiaomi Mi 9T, too many 2.499 TL with a price tag of the choice of the person had been. The final arrangements with the price Buy the smartphone 3.100 TL now we think twice about it before you take need to.
Samsung Galaxy A71
Samsung Galaxy A71
South Korean tech giant Samsung's last year introduced at the end, the Galaxy A71, L-shaped quad and camera setup with a battery of 4500 mAh one of the most ambitious of the level. In the month of April The device is currently listed 3.100 purchase from TL to get to 3.500 TL need (3.400 TL has stock for sale).
6 Pro Realme
6 Pro Realme
Last 3.199 with a special campaign in the days to Turkey Realme offers 6 Pro TL for sale features a price/performance monster was mentioned. If the current price of the smart phone Reaches 3.500 GBP.
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10
Last for the year, which is flagship model Galaxy S10, the intervening decrease the price while increasing with time one of the phones. Recently Price 4.990 TL which the smartphone, now, again TL 6.000 prices listed.