CCleaner Is Why The App Isn't Safe?


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Hope Burns — 2 months ago
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CCleaner system optimization program, which is one of the popular isn't as innocent as we thought? Place your computer is a Trojan horse, as it's not safe why do CCleaner attention to the suspicious movements of unauthorized data records, we examined for you.
System optimization programs, relatively old computers can be life-saving. Through these programs can ignore a sigh of relief to your computer, you can enable it to run faster and more efficiently. Programs CCleaner system optimization there is a place like one of the most popular ones among all. Well, as innocent as we think CCleaner is a program?
CCleaner, caused a question mark in the minds of many users with suspicious transaction since 2017. Trojan horse caused a leak on your device, hidden rear door left open, updates are performed without your permission. All the things we told you about the program CCleaner and yanitladik the question why it's not safe.
What is CCleaner?
CCleaner is a freeware system optimization software for the first time, released in 2003. Developed by a company called Piriform software has been downloaded more than 1 billion times across the globe. This means one in four computers installed CCleaner. Software Windows, macOS and Android, developed for the version are available.
Piriform, the company was purchased by Avast in 2017 after the famous security software, CCleaner, Avast joined the family. After this date, the new software features are added, and the updates were made, all but glaring security problems began.
The first security crisis of CCleaner:
Developer Piriform CCleaner, Avast there was no crisis in the year of 2017 by many after purchase. What is most remarkable among these, the program's setup file, it was hidden in the rear door. This door was making your computer vulnerable to cyber attacks.
CCleaner version 5.33, resulting in the 32-bit version of hidden rear door was considered for the purposes of industrial theft. When logs are taken into rear doors, many big companies or even seen a Chinese-backed even a group was found. The company then announced that they have been lifted out of this situation.
CCleaner the problem continues:
Hidden rear door after the crisis, things remained quiet for a while, until late until last year. The developer of CCleaner a user without their express consent to the company's web site has been updated the forum section of the program indicating that filed a complaint. The answer is quite thought-provoking it was.
Given by Piriform in response to; to meet the legal requirements 5.46 version, more features to offer users about privacy settings, some users not to update the program I was told that you brought with you.
The company updates the user's privacy without permission from the user to customize settings to do quite ironic. The details of the user doesn't approve of or seen with an update that was added to the program, which arouses suspicion. The preferences of the primary users of the software should be respected.
That cannot be disabled in the “active tracking” feature:
Another issue that raised concerns about security and CCleaner 5.45 controversial version of the program was seen. Many software to collect anonymous information about user experiences this feature provides active monitoring feature, and the user can open or close as you wish. At least in the manner it should be known.
CCleaner 5.45 version after you disable the active tracking feature, close the program and open it again, you would see that the active tracking feature is activated again. Let them know that this problem was eliminated later, but also in case of doubt still fresh.
Software that can be closed:
We have explained all the technical errors are trivial problems, the user does not affect or overlooked details can be considered, but the biggest reason why CCleaner is not safe we have to say, again, that appeared in version 5.45 a huge mistake.
Under normal conditions, use a program that you are finished with shutdown open on the screen when you press the button, and the program closes. CCleaner 5.45 version if you close the window, when the software does not close, only in the system tray was shrinking.
Right click on the icon in the system tray when you open the properties shrinking, didn't seem any shutdown or exit option. Only through the task manager and closed the program to run in the background can be seen with other issues that persistently continuing confidence in combined CCleaner has almost faded.
CCleaner why isn't it safe?
Within a few years the only major problems that reveals more than ever before, CCleaner is no longer safe software is difficult to say. Security software such as Avast great especially it belongs to the company, considering that he never weaknesses of this emerging type are not accepted.
Trojan horse, software problems, you can call the hidden rear door maybe a cyber attack, but without the consent of the user have accepted the desire to work secretly in the background and continuously updates it's not the problems.
All software, especially antivirus and system optimization software priority is to work in accordance with the wishes of the user. Of the programs you use to access the data that you have given your consent or it doesn't give any confidence you give your approval processes.
How to delete CCleaner?
•Step #1: open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
•Step #2: open the settings menu.
•Step #3: from here, open the applications page.
•Step #4: Locate the application CCleaner.
•#Step 5: Once you click on the application.
•#Step 6: from the dropdown menu, choose Remove.
•Step #7: the application will be deleted from your computer in a short time.
CCleaner with Windows operating system installed on your computer after suspicion of the application by following the steps above, you can easily delete. MacOS devices with Android operating system and applications on the same section you can also perform the deletion.
CCleaner alternative processes:
CCleaner after you uninstall the program, you may want to consider different alternatives for the system optimization process. Speed up your computer by removing junk files offered by Windows Disk Cleanup in Windows you can use the application.
Cache flush operations in the settings menu of your Internet browser, you can browse for other programs. Manually selecting unnecessary files on your devices, delete, remove programs, you can use the Apps section of your device.
CCleaner why it's not safe for you yanitladik the problems we have explained the question and suspicious. Instead of CCleaner system optimization program, which is more reliable, you can opt for yourself or you can edit your device by performing alternative procedures.