BIM current Catalog 27 May - 5 June: SJCam Action Camera TWS Bluetooth headsets and more


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All BIM week, according to a report published current products technological products in the catalogue for you we will select and list. 27 May - 5 June 2020 dates worth a total of 3 covering the latest product catalog are available. These products are among the most interest SJCam action camera was the novice photographer.
BIM store advantage of products offered in the chain each week along with the price on a current catalog it publishes. We also for you in this catalogue located in the technological products and chooses we will list. Smart phone, tablet, Bluetooth powerbank earphone, USB sticks and many more products this by following our list, you can buy at good prices.
You also technological meet your needs at affordable prices if you want to our content from your browser from webtekno mobile app, or add to favorites. Each offers quick access to the most current list of the week. 27 May - 5 June 2020 valid between the dates of total 3 products in BIM current number of and(or) accessory(s) has to.
BIM current 27 May 2020 catalog, a list of technological products:
SJCAM Action Camera
sjcam action camera
•BIM Current price: GBP 349
Cheap but good quality if you are looking for an action camera is definitely 27 May BIM, you should pay a visit to stores on the day. SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera 16 MP sensor, 30 fps at 4K video recording, Wi-Fi, 2-inch LCD 170 degree wide angle shooting, 4x zoom, and a depth of 30 meters features of water up to spend. Advance 6 month installment options in the camera 2 for the price one-year warranty is also available.
Photosmart 30.000 mAh Powerbank
About 30,000 mah powerbank
•BIM Current price: 119 TL
Almost a battery 30,000 mAh powerbank and the big Photosmart Both Lightning and micro USB USB Type-C there are entries. Easily charge multiple devices at the same time powerbank which has the ability to advance for the price installment options, 6-month and 2-year warranty facility.
TWS Bluetooth Headphone
synchron Bluetooth headset
•BIM Current price: £ 75
BIM it will be sold in stores Photosmart Bluetooth headset FS29 advanced Synchron Hi-Bass technology is being used. Shooting up to 10 meters use the earpiece in the distance of time 3 hours on a single charge. If this is the case, i.e. this time if the charger 10 hours comes up. 6 month installment cash price the options of the device in 2 years warranty is available.
Other technological products:
•Free sound Bluetooth speaker: 49,90 TL
•HP Wireless Mouse: £ 59.90
•Outdoor Karaoke with microphone Speaker: 99,90 TL
BIM current June 5, 2020 catalog, a list of technological products:
Dijitsu 43 inches FHD TV
•BIM Current price: 1.299 TL
BIM which will go on sale in the stores Dijitsu 43 inch FHD TV with satellite receiver built in are available. In addition, 3 HDMI inputs You can play video from USB that 1 USB input, class A has features of energy consumption. Cash price Domestic production in 12-month installment options the TV has 2 years warranty.
BIM in many stores this week you can find the price appropriate for the actual product. All review of the current official products for BIM page can be found here. In Addition, BIM you haven't found what you're looking for, A101 content with the actual product you can click here.