Advice to Get Google Adsense Approval


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1. What is Google Adsense?
1.1. Google Adsense Advantages
1.2. Suggestions for Getting Adsense Approval
Do you have a website and want to monetize the content you publish? Then there is a Google service you should use: Google Adsense.
With Google Adsense, it is possible to earn money from the content you publish on your website based on criteria such as clicks and views. adsense,
It is an advertising network where you can monetize the traffic on your website.
Advice to Get Google Adsense Approval
What is Google Adsense?
In Google Adsense, a platform that allows you to earn money through your website, Google ads can be made with the ad code you add to your site.
it starts appearing on your website and you earn money from the clicks and views on these ads. However, you can use Google Adsense codes on the internet.
In order to add it to your site, your site must first be approved by Adsense.
Adsense, which has been operating since 2003, is the world's largest advertising network and there are millions of advertisers and publishers using this
Google Adsense Advantages
You can manage multiple websites from a single account in Google Adsense, which offers you the opportunity to publish text, display and video and native
and you can see the profits of all of them as a whole. This means you will use a single platform for all your transactions and for many publishers
It is a life saving feature. In addition, there are some conditions that you must meet in order to become a Google Adsense publisher:
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Your content must be original,

The owner of the website must be at least 18 years old,

You must have an active website,

Your website must not contain obscene content or abuse. Adsense does not approve applications from websites with illegal content.
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Advice to Get Google Adsense Approval
Suggestions for Getting Adsense Approval
Google evaluates the websites applying for Adsense by considering some criteria. Getting Google Adsense approval
It will be helpful for you to follow the suggestions below.
About Us, Imprint and Privacy Policy Pages
For Google, there are some pages that should definitely be found on a website. In the rejection responses received in Adsense applications, these pages
are usually
We see that it is missing. Your website must have pages such as Privacy Policy, Imprint and About Us. These pages are your website.
are the details that show its institutionalism. For this reason, these pages, if missing, must be completed before the Adsense application.
Contact Page
The most important indicator that a website is accessible is the presence of a contact page on that website. users thoughts,
It is vital for Google to be able to directly forward requests such as complaints or suggestions to you. You must have this page that adds institutionality
to your site.
Unfortunately, adding the above-mentioned pages is not enough to get Adsense approval. At the same time, your website is up-to-date and constantly updated
to its users.
It also needs to be a website that offers content. Regular and continuous input in content is very important. In addition, it reveals the quality of the
There are also some criteria that set According to common belief, a piece of content should be at least 300 words, should not consist of repetitive and
meaningless sentences and should not contain a picture.
rich media elements such as
It is important that your website has a stylish and user-friendly design. Especially if your theme is compatible with mobile devices, that is responsive,
it is easy to read.
and it has to be a theme that doesn't block navigation. For this reason, you should definitely think user-oriented while choosing a theme.
Advice to Get Google Adsense Approval
Number of Contents
Google Adsense considers the number of content as a criterion when approving websites, because the website to be approved has a certain saturation.
she wants to reach her level. That's why there should be at least 50 content on your site, the content should be original and up-to-date, and the content
you write should be SEO compatible.
It is among the most important recommendations that can be given during the approval process.