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Author: Kerem Emirhan - 30 October 2015 - 3 min reading time
Hosting management, at first glance, it may seem easy when the server management is done manually, reveals that the management is not easy. WHM/cPanel hosting service provides great benefits in management.
cPanel server management waste both time and prevents the user even don't know exactly what the both of users can easily hosting/server management panel that allows you to do. WHM/cPanel Centos – RedHat, CloudLinux operating systems. The specified operating systems, Linux-based operating system the Linux operating system because it is for a person who is unable to manage or does not use WHM/cPanel hosting and managing your server and will facilitate use with in terms of Visual Face Dec.
Your WHM server management panel you can find everything that will make it easier. This is the first place in your hosting logon/logoff tracking services that run on the server, PHP and Apache services, editing, etc. there are several features like. WHM/cPanel on a Linux operating system because it is not a graphical interface if you have installed via the command line, you would need to do all the transactions. For a person who does not have knowledge about the use of Linux, it's very difficult, or even impossible, that can be called in size. For this reason, if you are looking for a hosting management panel WHM/cPanel all your wishes will meet.
WHM panel, web hosting service “Apache status” over the link is provided. This link incoming requests to your web sites, how many and which contains information that is coming through the ropes. With this information to your web site inbound traffic, organic traffic, and in general terms are identified for the purposes of attack or whether there is a request you can intervene if necessary. “PHP Configuration Manager” on all can configure your. ini settings in the web over the face of the Dec. “Mail queue manager on the link” emerging from your server the e-mail queue, you can check. Waiting on this link, e-mails, bulk select Send, or unnecessary, the Tail creator of your e-mail address, you can delete.
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Except WHM hosting or server administration/extra extra cPanel to the user buys the property that can be established to the server through the interface allow you to set up modules and components in an automated manner is because. For example, mbstring, curl, etc. can automatically download and install via the components panel. This process WHM panel “Apache status” you may do through the link. Many components on the link status automatically install Apache and server management without some knowledge about the installation process, you can automatically. cPanel's extra post outside of the module itself in the Add-ins are there. This server plugins to provide extra advantages by establishing yourself about management. This plug-ins, for example, CSF Firewall, Installatron, etc. Made extra add-on, for See the list of you can visit the site.
Opens external interface after hosting WHM, cPanel hosting management interface is in achieving this. This interface is a hosting all the services you need to manage your hosts. E-mail, FTP, MySQL, SSL and Subdomain opening, closing, etc. through this panel provide all the operations. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this would have to be done via the command line interface of all the processes and management of your hosting, complex, and could bring to situations not survive. For this reason WHM/cPanel hosting management on your side the world's most used web Administration panel will be great ease because of it.
If your web server or your hosting if you want to manage yourself, and if you do not have too much knowledge about it, cPanel the user-friendly interface and is presented to any administrative and take advantage of the convenience you can choose any of the hosting packages hosting server, and you can implement your web projects.
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