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  1. AdSense learn how it works
  2. Why AdSense?
  3. AdSense sign up and connect your site
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AdSense account creation and activation
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  1. AdSense Create Account
  2. AdSense activate your account
  3. First start your advertising
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AdSense join the community
  1. Automatic learn about ads
  2. Automatic the ads set
  3. Payments to set up your account
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AdSense join the community
AdSense account creating
Next: AdSense when creating the account, enter the URL of your site
AdSense ready to join? AdSense account to create these two elements having must:
•Google Account: Gmail or any other Google service if you are using already has an account. Otherwise, by creating an account on Google AdSense You can create the account.
•From scratch you created your own content: you own and complies with the AdSense Program Policies in the process, this your own site, your blog or other original you might have content.
Your account creating
AdSense create your account below to follow these steps:
1. visit the address.
2.Now click kaydolun.
3.Ads enter the URL of the site you want to show. Your URL learn more about entering.
Blogger, YouTube hosting partner or other
Your site our partner hosting sites (Blogger or such as YouTube) in any one of these steps only if you enter the URL then continue by clicking on your account also you can complete. Hosting partner the process of creating a different account sites in this way your configuration from watching we can perform faster.
4.E-mail enter your address.
5.AdSense customized help and performance suggestions select whether you want to send.
More from AdSense we can be of good help We recommend you select Yes. Then, the dialog you can change your settings.
6.Save and continue click on.
7.Google Sign in to your account.
8.Country or select your region.
9.AdSense Terms and conditions review and accept.
10.Account click Create.
Thus, the new You will be logged in to your Adsense account.
Do you haves
New AdSense disabled some options in your account you may notice that appears. That the reason, before activating your account than a few tasks that you must complete that section. About the activation of your Adsense account to obtain more information.