8 tips to help you become a Pinterest expert


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With its successful climb in recent years, Pinterest has managed to taper and prove its presence among social networks. While Facebook was the network of friendship and Twitter the agenda, Pinterest responded to a justified need by aiming to open another door to us with meal presentation visuals, travel spots, clothing combinations, at the point where we were bored with serious issues.

Pinterest, which has taken many followers in a short time, has managed to become the social media platform that provides the most traffic to websites after Facebook, according to some studies, with 70 million users.
Pinterest uzmanı olmanızı sağlayacak 8 ipucu

Getting to know Pinterest in a few steps to open an account and become a user on Pinterest, which is gaining the attention of different internet users every day.…
1st. Fast sharing.

On Pinterest, users can post almost any image they see on their boards with the “pin it” button. This dashboard contains a toolbar that allows you to make changes to the image before publishing the image. Pinterest offers options such as cutting and adjusting contrast. So you can share many new visuals (pins) without spending a lot of time on the photo.

2nd ed. It's easy to access Pinterest accounts of sites you're curious about
If you're wondering how any website uses the Pinterest account, what kind of shares it shares, just type its name in the search bar... when you search, you can get all the images posted from this source.

3. To protect your images…
Pinterest also offers this feature if you don't want the images you share to be accessed in Google searches. You can prevent your images from being accessed in Google searches by making adjustments to the “Tools” section of your account.
4. Hide your calls
It can sometimes be annoying when searches on social networks appear in the search bar later. If you do not want your calls to be encountered again, you can delete your calls from the “Settings” option with the “Delete recent calls” option.
5. The ability to send direct messages
Pinterest recently added features that include direct messaging. When you move your Mouse cursor over the image you want to send as a message, you can click on the “Send” button to send a message.
6. Edit your notifications
As one of your pins or boards becomes popular, your notifications multiply like rain. You will have to deal with all the notification messages after a while. Pinterest removes that obligation. You can avoid this situation by selecting the double pin icon from the “Edit” option.
7th ed. Make sure Pinterest doesn't save your online transactions
Another indication of how secure Pinterest wants its users to feel is that you can delete your online transactions if they are kept. You may want your daily call records, Pins saved, or you may feel uncomfortable. By checking the “personalization” option in the “Settings” section you can see which records are kept and from there you can delete this history.
8. Create a route for your upcoming holidays
Many Pinterest users gather visuals on this platform to chart their dream vacation route. The” the Places " tool takes you one step further and allows you to mark the locations of the images you have collected on the map to visualize your holiday dreams. Click on the “+” button above and select “Create dashboard”. Here is the “Add map " presented to you? answer the " yes " tab. From this point on, you can pin your images to the places you want to go by selecting the “add location” option from the world map that will appear in front of you.