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What Is Youtube Stories Feature?
After the Facebook team bought Instagram to cope with its rival Snapchat, the Instagram Stories feature that it introduced had become one of the most widely loved features by users. Facebook, Facebook, Whatsapp and other popular applications, such as the stories feature in the same success around here, but still the furyası of stories seems to have caught the attention of YouTube. For this reason, Youtube, which brings a silent Stories feature, is keeping it in the trial phase for the time being. So, what is the YouTube Stories feature in this trial phase? Considering that YouTube has recently surpassed 1.8 billion users, it is no wonder that it has made this breakthrough.
Towards The Singing Platform.

He actually revealed the stories feature he created on Youtube by partnering with Genius. The stories feature, which first appeared on the Genius platform, is shown by song producers in the form of sections from celebrities ' lyrics and interviews. For now, only the feature that is active on that platform is not yet available to everyone. The reason for this is probably because they can not determine the reactions that will come in this way quietly removed this feature is still in the waiting stage. The logic of these stories is actually very similar to that of Instagram, although it is being tested on another platform for now.
It Can Be Added To YouTube In The Future.

The extreme interest in the story phenomenon on Instagram will have drawn the attention of Youtube and Google management, who are in on it. Although it is not available to every user at the moment, Youtube will probably measure the functionality and reactions of the feature and, if it performs well, it will probably open it to all users on its platform. Those who want to use the feature and track shared stories can take advantage of this innovation by downloading the Genius app on the Android and iOS platforms.