$ 200 Cheap Importation Of The Phone 'Surveillance' Was


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In The Official Gazette decision published abroad, price of 200 Turkey of dollars of the phone low introduction to editing operations were performed. New citizens abroad within the scope of the application bring the phone when they want to; the price of the phone over by the state tax not on the price they will have to pay.
The Official Gazette Of in today's issue a new decision, price low mobile phones, and Homeland brought in from outside will pass in front of looks like.
In The Official Gazette located according to the decision, the citizens, now the price is 200 different phones for low dollars they will be included into an application. Citizens, the price is $ 200 low-phones abroad when they want to bring "surveillance application"na of course they'll be.
Surveillance what an application is, how the process will work?
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From abroad the citizens who brings any product, normal in the conditions of tax based on the price of this product they give you. Consequently, under 200 dollars to date over costs for phones taxation was done. Surveillance application under tax payable if the price of the phone it's not over, by the state price over will take place.
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Surveillance within the scope of the application, the price is $ 200 lower imports of phones, linked to a document will be. Therefore citizens abroad approved by the Ministry of Commerce to bring the phone Will need to obtain a certificate of inspection and $ 200 cheaper phone when importing to the customs authorities this document will have to present. These products without a document Entry to Turkey will not be possible.
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Surveillance The document will be?
Citizens In order to receive a certificate of inspection, the first e-government the door will apply. Commerce Also Via the Department's internet site with electronic signature apply for a certificate of inspection can be found. Problem with applications over the internet in the unlikely event physically apply for the document can be made. The inspection certificate with the duration of 6 months will be limited.
Surveillance in today's issue of the official gazette the application officially published and entered into force this is the case. Thus, citizens now abroad the price is $ 200 for a phone when you want to bring you will have to pay different tax fees.