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    What is buy domain and hosting

    The first requirement to step into the world of internet is that you have a domain and hosting. And what does it do what is domain and hosting, how to buy thanks to this post on such topics as there won't be any question in mind. Even using the comment section at the bottom of the post if you...
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    What is a domain? What does it do? Two thousand twenty

    What does it do let me briefly explain the answer to the question What is a domain... Domain: the name of an internet site. Domain of words the Turkish equivalent field name. Is the unique name of a website domain names. Domain domain name let's hear a little more about proceeding to the...
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    .TR domain names with the extension Management .NIC.TR Passed from BTK

    Author: Sure East - May 9, 2019 - reading time 1 min d d d d At the meeting, the ICANN board from this past weekend .the extension of the TR administration has been approved to be taken from and given to them. Middle East Technical University since 1990, the management of it .En as can...