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    In The Car Enjoying The Music: YouTube Music Came To Support Android Auto

    Cem Mildon — 2 years ago Reading time 3 min 10 2 1 0 0 YouTube Music, gained the support of the long-awaited Android Auto. Since the beginning that need to be found in music from YouTube Android Auto is no longer available. Along with the arrival of this feature looks to a future more enjoyable...
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    Viewed 2.5 Million Times A Video YouTuber Standing Doing Nothing For 2 Hours

    Eray Kalelioglu — 9 months ago Reading time 3 min 208 52 16 11 7 30 thousand subscribers an Indonesian YouTuber, which has so far pulled in an unprecedented video. YouTuber, the video in question was sitting doing nothing for about 2 and a half hours. YouTuber, total number of views gained more...
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    Scares Research: Child 1 Billion YouTuber Viewed Only By Eating Junk Food

    Beyazıt Eagle — 6 months ago Reading time 3 min 125 8 5 4 3 New research, almost half of the most watched videos of the most popular children's YouTuber in introduced harmful foods and drinks revealed. Moreover, a negative example to the audience in question by eating junk food YouTuber of the...