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    What is VoIP Technology, which enables us to make voice and video calls with fixed phones, and how does it work?

    Hope Burns -4 months ago 8 min reading time VoIP, a technology that eliminates the traditional phone system, is mostly used by corporate businesses. What is VoIP, what does it do, how By learning the answers to questions such as working, you can make fixed phone calls over the internet at a much...
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    What is Fintech, Also Known as Fintech?

    Bade Inanc Sonmez -2 months ago 9 min reading time In the most general sense, fintech, also known as fintech or fintech, is the process of using financial services and delivering them to customers. We can say that it is a new technology that seeks ways to improve and automate. Fin-tech mainly...
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    Do you mean to store the internet like electricity? Here Are The Technologies We Can't Believe Still Haven't Discovered

    Sahin Kilinc -2 months ago 1 min reading time We tried to reach everything we were away from the screens during the epidemic period. There was sound, there was sight, but we were deprived of any sense of smell or touch. In today's world, where people go to space without getting any education for...