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    Why is Turkey's Telephone Code +90?

    Berkay Avci -2 months ago 7 min reading time How are the Turkey dialing codes and the area codes of other countries, which enable international calls to be made, determined? Why is the Turkey dialing code +90? Let's look at the answer to this question and what the numbers say. When you want to...
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    Top Selling Smartphone Brands in the Last 3 Months Announced (Samsung and Xiaomi Outperformed Their Competitors)

    Eray Kalelioglu -2 months ago 4 min reading time Counterpoint investigated the smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2021 and how these sales were reflected on companies. According to the research, the shining stars of the last quarter were Samsung and Xiaomi. Counterpoint, which finds its...
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    12 Brands (5 Domestic and National) That Make People Say They Buy Smart Phones Even If They Produce

    Can Heart -2 months ago 9 min reading time Can you imagine that brands that surpass themselves in terms of technology in Turkey and in the world have entered the smartphone market? We have compiled such brands for you If each of them had different features, you would want to sell the house and...