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    What is Hosting? Considerations When Choosing Web Hosting

    Contents; list of 10 items • What is Hosting? • Important Points to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting • Work with Corporate Web Hosting Companies • Hosting Operating Systems • Security • Database • Email Addresses • Subdomains • Backups • Put an End to Hosting Problems with Ticimax list end...
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    How to get free hosting? How to get a free domain?

    Getting free hosting can be very useful for your front sites or sites you will try out. Free hosting with no cost It stands out as the type of hosting that you own, has limited features and space, but allows you to do your work comfortably. It's also free Buying a domain also helps you to use...
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    How to Choose a Good Web Hosting?

    Contents [Hide] Why is Web Hosting Selection Important? Considerations Directly Affecting Web Hosting Selection! Is It Right To Get Free Hosting? One of the prominent concepts of the internet world is hosting! However, we can say that people and institutions are confused in the web hosting...