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    How to make money on YouTube? - AdSense Help

    How to make money on YouTube? Next: Create an AdSense account for payments To make money on YouTube YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) must apply and be accepted into the program. More information. A few notes •You can create content on YouTube we won't tell you which one, but our audience to our...
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    My Account My Account is not preferred for existing AdSense AdMob

    Next: YouTube Partner Program Overview and eligibility If you have access to your Adsense account with the same email address multiple AdMob interface, you can connect to only one of these accounts, please note. This account AdSense account preferred" call. AdMob AdSense account is linked to the...
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    The types of emails that are sent by AdSense

    AdSense what kind of e-mails that I can opt of receiving? Next: About message the page and the messages you receive In addition to mandatory service announcements AdSense from time to time from emails and you can opt to receive regular newsletters. If you want to get the most from your account...