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    Which one's better: an iPhone or Android phones with 4G LTE is 5G?

    Hasan Avcıoğlu — 2 years ago Reading time 4 minutes 15 6 4 2 1 In 2019 5G will try some Android phone manufacturers have high-end technology on their phones, and Apple will wait for 2020 for this technology. Well, are more attractive for those who want to buy a flagship device in 2019? 5D, which...
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    How To Solve The Usual Problems Easily Smartphone?

    Enes K. — 3 years ago Reading time 4 minutes 26 15 5 3 2 As smart phones get smarter, the problems are also increasing. So if you live on your phone if you don't want to go for the daily problems to the technical service, we will see how to fix minor problems that you can solve on where you...