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    For Beginners: What is a Domain?

    Domain Why? Topics Mentioned in This Content  When we talk about an internet address or a domain name, we are actually talking about the location of a website. Domain, It is the name and also the address of a website on the internet. It is also defined as a domain name in our country ...
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    What is Domain Renewal?

    Under the fact that most companies start their marketing strategies with domain name selection; domain names; greater than thought on prestige and SEO it has influence. This important role that domain names play beyond being a "site address" is that they also start a kind of countdown timer from...
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    How to Choose a Domain? Complete Guide (2021)

    How to Choose a Domain? Complete Guide (2021) | Atak Domain Hosting We have decided to provide you with a very comprehensive guide to the domain name you need to buy to exist in the online world. Thanks to this guide with 17 different tips for domain names and domain extensions to build a...